Great News!

We are now expanding the number of floor spaces for vetted, luxury goods vendors aspiring to create an exciting design atmosphere in the beautiful Milton neighborhood. 

Appropriate Vendor Inventories Sought: 

  • Farmhouse / Industrial Case Goods
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Trend Appropriate Accessories
  • Superlative Lighting Collections
  • Fine Art / Americana / Signage 
  • Architectural Salvage
  • Unique, Iconic Decorative Pieces

Apply today, we are always looking to grow our inventory!

  • Prime location
  • 2 acres of private parking 
  • Easy loading 
  • 6 month lease
  • Vendor Spaces start at $3.50 per square foot
  • 8% commission on all sales 
  • 4% fee taken on all charged sales
  • Sales tax collected, reported and paid to state each month
  • No requirement from vendors to work front counter
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If you do not have a website, please send pictures of merchandise to